Bronie ^_^ (bubbles_girl69) wrote in canberra_hpfans,
Bronie ^_^

Dont have any plans for the 8th till the 16th?

From your lovely mod :)
Come and see Gangshow everyone!
Yeah, i'm in it, and it's going to be an awsome show. There's going to be around 120 people in it, and it's going to feature some kick-ass songs (Reel Big Fish/Ben Folds Five/Missy Elliot/Fatboy Slim, i could go on!) and some awsome costumes in it.
Oh, and it's $11 dollars for concession and $18 dollars for adults (16 years old and over?)
If you didnt see the phone number on the poster, to book tickets, phone 6282 5211. (or just rock up on the night, but tickets are selling really fast, so i wouldnt if i were you)

Thanks everyone!

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