Miss Laura-Elizabeth (_fuzzy_) wrote in canberra_hpfans,
Miss Laura-Elizabeth

Yule Ball anyone?

Ok, So I'm a huge Harry Potter fan...living in Canberra.....and I was hoping that there would be more members on this community but theres not...still..not all of canberra uses live journal....anyways...
the movie has just came out, the next book and the next movie wont be released for some time ....so there will be hardly any harry potter hype happening for awhile ..this gives me an idea:
Yule Ball in Canberra?
A Ball open to fans of Harry Potter...a giant geeky Harry Potter formal occasion...and if it gets big enoguh...fans from other cities might come..
Ive organised a couple of gigs myself, nothing this big though and I have quite a few connectoins so with enough help it could be pulled off...but I want to see if the idea would actually work for......do you think we have enoguh Harry Potter fans in canberra?
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